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Invitation – Nordic Policymaker Program

How can you have an impact on regional projects and policies across the Nordic region as a young councillor? How can your city cooperate with cities in the other Nordic countries? 

Join the Nordic Policymaker Program, learn more and meet your peers from other Nordic cities! 


Nordic Policymaker Program is a series of networking events for young Policymakers from city councils and youth councils from all over the Nordic countries. The participants learn more about regional projects and international cooperation in a Nordic environment. The program also serves as a forum for intergenerational dialogue that boosts the participants’ ability to influence policy, have an impact in their local settings and present their ideas for the top professionals of the Nordic cooperation in respective cities of the events. The program includes a pamphlet published by The Youth League of the Finnish Norden Association, in which we provide the participating young policymakers an opportunity to write about their experience, findings and ideas for future cooperation.


This first year of the Nordic Policymaker Program will entail events in two Finnish cities: in Vaasa 13th of November (Swedish and Finnish) and in Turku 27th of November (Swedish and English). (We are sorry to inform that the local event in Oulu is cancelled.) Individual participants will be given the opportunity to attend one of the three local events. Every event follows the same structure, but will entail local and regional speakers relating to the local contexts. Please see the draft program in the attached for more details. The deadline for signing up to the local events is 15th of October at 4 PM. We will be accepting about 15 young persons from other Nordic countries and a total of 75 young persons from Finland to the three separate local events combined. Each organisation can apply for more than one participant in the program, but the priority is to form a broad group of participants in terms of background and representation. 


We hope for the participants to arrive on the morning of the event. The official program ends roughly at 6.30 PM so there is also time to travel home for the night. We will compensate the participants’ travel costs up to 30 euros. Accommodation for national participants will be considered on an individual basis, needs for accommodation can be addressed in the application form. For any other questions, please contact our organization secretary:


We are looking forward to meeting you all, 

Eero Heikkilä
Vice-president of the Youth League of the Finnish Norden Association

Lena Höglund
Secretary General

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