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The Youth League of the Finnish Norden Association is an accredited coordinating, receiving and sending organisation for ERASMUS+- and European Solidarity Corps-projects. At present, the Youth League is participating as a partner in an ESC-project led by Föreningen Nordens Förbund, relating to youth mobility and international working life skills. The Youth League is continuously planning for new projects of its own and has a general interest in participating in projects that further young persons’ opportunities to mobility, participation in decision-making processes and opportunities on the labour market. 

The Youth League of the Finnish Norden Association annually applies for various project- and activity funding from Nordic financing instruments and foundations. The aim of such applications is to enable such activities that would pose a challenge for a single person or a local association to realize and that opens up the opportunities of the Nordic cooperation to a larger group of young persons in Finland or in the Nordic countries. 
Potential queries for project cooperation can be directed to the Secretary General of the Youth League, Jenny Tabermann (, +358447335781).

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