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The second generation Nordjobbare

Rebekka from Iceland decided to apply for Nordjobb in Finland where her mother comes from. “My mother came to Iceland for a summer job from Finland via Nordjobb in 1995 and met my father there. She recommended Nordjobb and I wanted to go and work in Finland for the summer so win win!”

According to Rebekka, the scariest thing about working abroad was the fear to be lonely. The most exciting thing was to find out how is it like to actually live in a different country. She had been in Finland many times, but only a few weeks at the time. This was the first longer period she spent in the country.

Rebekka was working in Oulu at Business Oulu, where her job was to look for business opportunities for companies in the Oulu area and Icelandic companies. “In the beginning I had loads of ideas and I worked fast. I liked it.” In July however she had to slow down. Because of the summer holidays she didn’t have that many projects during the month.

Rebekka’s fear to be lonely in Finland did not become reality. “I met amazing people and I learned a lot!” Besides the people, another thing she wants to mention about her experience is that she has become a stronger person. “Also the ice cream.”

And would she apply for Nordjobb again?

“Yes, if I want to work in Scandinavia Nordjobb is the best way to get a job! I got all the help I needed to start and go on. It would have been so much harder to do it all on my own.”

Text: Krista Kalamo, Eeva Väisänen

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