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The Nordics’ special bond with nature – truth or myth?

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May 3rd at 17.00 (EEST): Nordics Talk – The Nordics’ special bond with nature – truth or myth?

Welcome to Nordics Talk part 2! This session concerns how people relate to nature across the Nordics, whether there’s big differences across the countries and what impact our relationship to nature has on taking action for the environment.

To start off, we have a Finnish academic Pihla Soinnunmaa to talk about theoretical approaches of how humans relate to nature, and then we’ll have a panel with people from different Nordic countries, to bring in more practical thoughts about what nature means to them.

Pihla Soinnunmaa, researcher in Kudelma – network for comprehensive and sustainable systemic change
Pauliina Oinonen, nature enthusiast and a Master’s student in West Nordic Studies residing in Reykjavík, Iceland
Sigrún Perla Gísladóttir, The Icelandic Youth Environmental Association, Iceland
Maya Höjer, nature enthusiast, born and raised in Denmark, Swedish roots

Language: English.


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