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Nordics talk

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Nordics talk is here again!

What are the Nordics talking about right now? We will organize a series of three virtual discussions during April and May.

  • 20.4. at 17.00 (EEST): What can the Nordics do for Belarus? We will interview a danish long-time politician Bertel Haarder and Tanya Podgayskaya: Belarusian, who moved to Finland 5 years ago. Cultural researcher and a Doctoral Candidate at Aalto University. Member of Association of Belarusians in Finland, actively rises awareness about the situation in Belarus, organizes support rallies, helps repressed students in Belarus. Language: English.
  • 3.5. at 17.00 (EEST): Is there a Nordic relation to nature? – Is it the same in all of the Nordics? Language: English
  • 12.5. at 19.00 (EEST): Eurovision afterwork – Förfest inför Eurovision! We will listen through the Nordic Eurovision songs and decide who did best this year together with our sister organisations from Föreningen Nordens Ungdomsförbund. Languages: Scandinavian and English.
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