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Gender equality in the Nordic defense

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Gender equality in the Nordic defense – discussion 26.4.2021 at 15.30. Finland is currently investigating the development of its conscription and gender equality is part of the internal investigation and evaluation. Norways approach to conscription is of course of interest in connection with the ongoing development work. In Norway, female conscription was introduced in 2013. It took effect in 2015. The purpose of the discussion is to learn about the Finnish development work, but also to lift the Finnish presidency of NORDEFCO, Nordic co-operation in the field of defense.

Lena Kvarving, Lieutenant Colonel, who has written a doctoral dissertation on Gender Perspectives in the Norwegian Armed Forces and NATO. (Norway)
Atte Grönroos, Chairman of the Finnish Conscription Association (Finland)
Aksel Grunnvåg, trustee for the conscripts (Norway)
With moderator Nicholas Kujala (UNR president 2020) and Expert listener Anders Adlercreutz from the Finnish Defence Committee.

Languages: Scandinavian, Finnish and English. Welcome!

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