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24/08/2018 12:00 - 26/08/2018 15:00



How can the young generation impact sustainability in the Arctic? Take your first steps to becoming an Arctic influencer at our summer camp in August!

WHERE: Meri-Rastila, Helsinki, Finland
WHEN: 24.-26.8.2018
BY WHOM: the Youth League of the Finnish Norden Association in cooperation with the Nordic Youth Council
APPLY BY: June 29, 2018 (

In the light of climate change, the Arctic region is facing big changes that force us to rethink our way of living, policy-making and working. How to do productive cooperation and find sustainable solutions to save our fragile Arctic, while still enabling life and economic activities in the region? We believe that the future is in the hands of the young generation. The Nordic Regional Youth Camp focuses on the challenges of the Arctic dimension. Leading specialists on the Arctic and influencing inspire and provide guidance, but it is up to our young Nordic participants to turn challenges into opportunities and set their message alight. Finland and Helsinki presents itself as the perfect arena, as the Finnish chairmanship of the Arctic Council is coming to its mid-term.

Our three-day youth camp YOUNG EYES ON SUSTAINABILITY IN THE ARCTIC DIMENSION has two separate programs:

a) Arctic challenges and policy-making program
b) Media and communication program

The Arctic challenges and policy-making program focuses on presenting recent outlooks on the Arctic region, sustainability, business opportunities and youth perspectives on the region, through prominent speakers. Participants will be divided into three teams to create a vision for the future:

– Sustainability and Environment in the Arctic
– Sustainable Business Opportunities in the Arctic
– Shaping the Future Generation in the Arctic

The conclusions of all three teams will be merged into a shared resolution, later communicated to decisionmakers, media and relevant networks.

The media and communication program focuses on how to get your voice and message out, how to communicate in the public sphere, how to influence, how to build a successful campaign, how to be a storyteller. The participants in the media and communication program will make communication strategies and concrete media material based on the debate and conclusions made in the other program of the camp. The program will feature high-level influencers as speakers and experienced trainers.

These two separate programs work together for a common goal. The media and communication program participants communicate and share material on social media from the youth camp and its visions, in addition to the shared resolution on a sustainable future in the Arctic.

Participation fee: 50 euros
Travel refund: not available, to be confirmed
Working language: English
Apply by: June 29, 2018 (

Welcome to Helsinki! Let’s influence the future of the Arctic together!

The organizers reserve the right to modify the program. Depending on the amount of participants and yet unconfirmed financing, travel refund might be available. Participants will be informed of changes, additions or refunds in due time.

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26/08/2018 15:00


Pohjola-Nordenin Nuorisoliitto – Pohjola-Nordens Ungdomsförbund
+358 44 733 5781 / Lena Höglund


Rastila Camping
Karavaanikatu 4, 00980 Helsinki
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